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How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

Improve engagement, sales, revenue & retention

Did you know that your consumers prefer email for communication than other channels? When we really understand the consumer we can predict them and formulate a plan that will greatly appeal to them or their needs.

What are the steps in their buyer’s journey? How much time do they spend on your website? How frequently do they make a purchase? What products are they purchasing and what are they not? What reasons are they buying your products?

Artex narrows down on this information and segments up list which helps you improve engagement, sales, revenue and more.

Real results from a list less than 100k!

How much can you afford not to have something like this setup?

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Making the most of your time

Automation Campaigns

Email marketing would not be complete without automation. It is the fun part of watching rewards pull in based on key customer interactions. The beauty of automation is that it runs in the background and talks directly to just one person. This means your list is constantly mailing out daily. Not to everyone, just to those who trigger it based on many variables. You're speaking directly to them, to ONE, and can better position your content to the right audience and turn average customers into loyal fans.

Automation Variable Examples:
  • Birthdays
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart
  • First Time Completed Transaction
  • lapsed customers
  • & More!
example of an email automation for a customer who has not made a purchase for certain amount of time
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