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Artex is the launchpad for helping small businesses & startups succeed online.

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Who we are

We are a “slightly” obsessed team of social strategists, code gurus, content creators, and media experts dedicated to bringing you the same strategies big corporate businesses get, but at a fraction of a cost. As we like to say around here “Aim for the stars, and spend less.”

The mission control

Meet the Team

head shot of James Gober - Artex Founder

James has been coding and developing software for over 20 years.

James Gober

Founder & Developer

head shot of Jake Solocheck - Marketing Director

Jake specializes in marketing automation and data-driven marketing strategies.

Jake Solochek

Marketing Director

head shot of Brittany Miller - Creative Director

Alex specializes in database handeling as well as content creation.

Alex Dansby

Database Expert

head shot of goat - Artex Mascot

Captain’s Job is to oversee the team at all times and to inspect all code for perfection!


The G.O.A.T.

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